RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Community Events

Shurooq Camp for Children with diabetes

Shurooq camp for children with diabetes is an annual event hosted by the Bahrain Diabetes Society (BDS). Approximately 50 to 60 children who are newly diagnosed with Type I diabetes from Bahrain and the GCC countries participate in the event. RCSI Bahrain has been supporting the camp for the last three years with the support of undergraduate nursing and medical students. The 14th Shurooq Camp 2013 will be the first time that RCSI Bahrain takes the lead in the education and awareness games for the programme sessions via the Pediatric Mobile Unit, with the aim to improve awareness for effective control of diabetes and prevention of its complications.

Awareness Day

Staff and students participate in external organised functions and events that raise awareness for health issues locally, regionally and internationally. These include sports activities, health awareness days for businesses,

Collaboration with Bahrain Red Crescent

Contributing through the registered volunteer programme, both staff and students will pilot an Elderly Community Health Assessment as part of an initiative by the Bahrain Red Crescent. The scheme will help contribute to the National Electronic Medical Record System.