RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

2nd Annual RCSI Bahrain Careers Guidance Symposium and Exhibition 2015

Outlooks on Career Opportunities and the Future of Work in Medicine



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Open to all Students, Alumni and Professionals from Bahrain and the Region



Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th February 2015 
at RCSI Bahrain, Busaiteen, Kingdom of Bahrain


This event is sponsored by:

 Careers Guidance Symposium

 Career Guidance Symposium

RCSI Bahrain Careers 2015 offers expert careers advice, guidance and support for medical students and junior doctors and will include a mix of plenary sessions and forum sessions to meet the need of all attendees. Speakers will focus on pathways for those interested in information on how to apply to places like Malta, USA, Canada, UK, UAE and Kuwait for internship and postgraduate training. Speakers will include RCSI Bahrain Alumni. 

The symposium also includes two parallel sessions with speakers from different specialities. Each speaker will participate on a panel addressing different specialities. Focusing on their speciality and answering questions like - why they love their speciality, what they think are the best assets, what are the drawbacks, what the training programme comprises and how long it lasts, what is the career progression, what are the average working hours, what were the licensing requirements and procedure where they trained.

Come and listen to experts talk about careers beyond clinical medicine, electives and tips on how to prepare of a job interview, electives, registration and working in different countries, with speakers from Kaplan, GHLO, Dubai Health Authority, Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization, Global Medics and much more... 

Download Full Symposium Programme


The Career Guidance Symposium this year will also feature an exhibition in the atrium with local and international participants. The exhibition will be held throughout the day on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th February 2015. Exhibitors include:

RCSI Travel Dublin & Bahrain                                                            Kaplan Medical  
King Hamad University Hospital                                                       Novartis Pharma Services
Bahrain Defence Force Hospital                                                        Bahrain Ministry of Health
Bahrain National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA)                    Global Medics
AAMC Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO)                      Medics Away
ECFMG Global Exchange in Medical Education (GEMx)                  AMO Worldwide


This event is free of charge but requires registration. Please confirm your attendance by completing and submitting the form available at the following links. 

Day One - Saturday 7th February 2015
8:00 to 16:00    Career Guidance Symposium and Exhibition (Sessions 1 and 2) 
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Day Two - Sunday 8th February 2015 (Separate booking required for each talk)
09:00 to 10:00    Global Medics: Registration and Working in Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand Book your place here!
10:00 to 11:00    Dubai Health Authority Book your place here!
11:00 to 12:00    Electives: How to plan and how to make the most of your experience Book your place here!
13:00 to 14:00    Applying for a Job (planning, preparation and interviews) 
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14:00 to 15:00 Global Health Learning Opportunities Book your place here!
15:00 to 16:00 USMLE Examinations and Kaplan Medical Book your place here!

(Students who register and attend sessions on Sunday 8th February 2015 will be exempt from classes)


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For further information, please contact Mr Fadi Ghosen
fghosen@rcsi-mub.com  Telephone +973 17351 450 ext. 3430