RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Student Facilities


The Medical University of Bahrain website is a comprehensive guide to all the departments, activities and publications of the University. Students will particularly benefit from links to online databases and electronic journals. VLE

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Moodle, the VLE employed by the University, is a valuable resource for all registered students facilitating access to a wide variety of information: learning outcomes, lecture notes, class time-tables, multimedia tutorials, discussion forums, examination results, self-assessment tests and calendar of events for clubs and societies. It is password protected for the exclusive use of students of the RCSI Bahrain.


Information and Communication Technology Services



Once registered, all undergraduate students are provided with a laptop for academic use. Student laptops are pre-configured with a standard set of software (including Microsoft Office) before delivery.


The University has an onsite Computer Workshop dedicated to supporting the IT requirements for students and this is a student’s first port of call when having any difficulties with either hardware or software systems. The hours of the computer workshop are found on the VLE. The workshop can be contacted on +973 17351450  or email helpdesk@rcsi-mub.com



All students are provided with an e-mail address after registration.  It is mandatory that students use this e-mail address for all communication with the University. Important notices will be sent to students via their RCSI Bahrain e-mail address. We therefore recommend students check their in-box on a daily basis.


Printing and photocopying facilities are located within the Learning Resource Centre. Both of these functions will be linked to the students Copy Card (minimum charge of BD1.000), on which students purchase credit from the LRC Circulation Desk.  To avail of the service students must register with the RCSI Bahrain IT Department for an IT account.


Faxes for students may be sent and received in the University through the university main Fax line. Student name and class must be mentioned clearly on all outgoing and incoming Faxes.



A restaurant is available on the third floor of the University which offers a daily menu at reasonable prices.