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General References and Medical Websites

Medline Plus: is a free website that provides healthcare providers consumer health information for patients, families and healthcare providers.

PUBMED: is an online database developed by the NLM that provides free access to MEDLINE records.

Intute:  is a UK based national Internet service guiding you to the best of the Web for education and research. 

e-medicine: contains articles on 7,000 diseases and disorders; registration required.

Trip Database: is a tool for you to find and research high-quality clinical research evidence.

Clinical Guidelines:-
Clinical guidelines are recommendations on appropriate treatment and care of people with specific disease conditions. They are based on the best available clinical evidence . It is intended to help healthcare professionals in their work but does not replace individual knowledge and skills.

Click on the links below to find more about Clinical Guidelines:

National Guideline Clearing House

National Insitute for Health & Clinical Excellence

People Science Health

NHS Information & Professional Healthcare Organizations