RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

MSc in Nursing

The School of Postgraduate Studies & Research plays an important role in RCSI Bahrain.

It provides access to fourth-level education and encourages research within the University. Both of these are crucial to a thriving university. 

RCSI Bahrain is committed to providing increased opportunities for postgraduate studies – both taught and through research – on a comprehensive ladder of continuing education. 

This includes increasing the number of programmes taught at Masters level; moving to the provision of PhD opportunities and crystallizing a small but focused number of research clusters, each with a specific thematic focus.


These are in line with the University’s Strategic Plan 2012-17 which outlines the following three objectives:

Developing research-active staff
Promoting research-led teaching and learning
Developing a small number of key thematic areas and research clusters 


The strategy of the School of Postgraduate Studies & Research is aligned with the policy priorities of the Gulf region. RCSI Bahrain is committed to freeing up resources and creating other strategic alliances and collaborations with international higher education and research institutions.

RCSI Bahrain is a key player in brokering these relationships through the School of Postgraduate Studies & Research and in targeting the collective energy and expertise of these international players on the healthcare issues and concerns of the region as a whole.