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Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) is one of Ireland’s longest established and most respected academic institutions. For more than two centuries, the College has provided education and training of the highest calibre to students and healthcare professionals from Ireland and more than 78 other countries.

Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (MRCSI) is awarded on successful completion of the College’s membership examination. The MRCSI is a prestigious membership and an internationally recognised quality standard. Being an MRCSI holder demonstrates to colleagues, peers and employers a doctor’s clinical competence and commitment to his or her profession.

Members of the College receive complimentary surgical journals and other publications, preferential access to College events facilities and resources, and are provided with a suite of other professional and personal benefits.   

Structure of the RCSI Membership Examination in GENERAL SURGERY

The RCSI Membership Examination is an intercollegiate exam which is fully recognised by both the GMC (UK) and IMC (Ireland). It consists of two parts which are structured as follows:

MRCS Part A – Multiple-Choice Question Exam (MCQ)

Part A is a four-hour MCQ examination broken into two papers, each of two hours' duration, taken on the same day. The papers cover generic surgical sciences and applied core knowledge as follows:

Paper 1 - Applied Basic Sciences MCQ paper, comprising Single Best Answer Questions
Paper 2 - Principles of Surgery-in-General MCQ paper, comprising Extended Matching Questions

MRCS Part B – Oral, Clinical and Communication Skills Exam (O,C,C)

Part B comprises three separate components; the Oral, the Clinical and the Communication Skills Component:

MRCS Part B – Viva;  The Part B Viva exam is an oral one covering Applied Surgical Anatomy and Operative Surgery, Applied Physiology and Critical Care, and Applied Surgical Pathology and Principles of Surgery. On successful completion of this part of the exam, candidates can go on to take MRCS Part B - Clinical and Communication Skills.

MRCS Part B - Clinical and Communication Skills; This exam requires candidates to demonstrate an acceptable level of ability to examine patients in the following areas: skin and subcutaneous lesions, breast / axilla, neck, trunk / abdomen / chest, groin, vascular pathology, and orthopaedic disorders. The Communication Skills Section takes place at the same time and in that there are tests for Information Giving and Information Gathering.

 General Surgery Membership Examinations – BAHRAIN 2013
Exam Code Examination Venue Date of Exam(s) Viva/Clinical Commencing Applications Closing Date Fee
2013031 MRCS Part A RCSI, Bahrain 23.04.13 None 08.02.13 595
2013053 MRCS Part A RCSI, Bahrain 10.09.13 None 21.06.13 595
2013007 MRCS Part B Viva RCSI, Bahrain 23/24/25.11.13 23/24/25.11.13 16.09.13 695
2013034 MRCS Part B Clinical RCSI, Bahrain 26/27/28.11.13 26/27/28.11.13 16.09.13 695
2013072 Intercollegiate MRCS Part 3 Clinical (Resit) RCSI, Bahrain 26/27/28.11.13 26/27/28.11.13 16.09.13 695
Candidates who are sitting the MRCS Part B Viva exam (code; 2013007) must also apply for the MRCS Part B Clinical exam (code; 2013034)
Repeat Candidates :
  Clinical Bays : RCSI, Bahrain       445
  Communication Bays : RCSI, Bahrain       250


Additional Information

To find out more information about examination structure, content, curriculum etc., please click here. To enquire or ask a question about the MRCS examination, please email the College on exams@rcsi.ie.