RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

RCSI Bahrain students investigate men’s awareness of prostate cancer for the first time in Bahrain

A group of alumni and current medicine and nursing students from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Medical University of Bahrain (RCSI Bahrain) conducted research on the knowledge and attitudes of men in Bahrain towards prostate cancer.
The primary aim of the study, led by faculty from the University's School of Nursing and Midwifery, including Head of the School, Professor Seamus Cowman, was to ascertain the knowledge and attitudes of men living in Bahrain towards prostate cancer.
The research was conducted by class of 2017 nursing graduate, Fahad Altailsan, current SC2 student, Ahmed Almumin and class of 2018 school of medicine graduate, Dr James Cowman with the staff lead investigators Professor Seamus Cowman and former nursing lecturer, Dr Elizabeth Weathers.
The sample comprised of Arab men in the most at risk category, aged 50 years and over.

The study showed that an alarming 60% out of a total of 74 men had never had a prostate screening check-up, reasons for which include not having the time or transport as well as the fear of discovering something unexpected.
The results also indicated that 78% were aware of the disease, however, 53% did not consider prostate cancer to be a major issue in Bahrain, and overall, the study participants did not have a proper understanding of the risk factors associated with the disease.
While 32% correctly identified that prostate cancer usually affects men aged 50 or over, 25% of the participants could not identify the age group range.
With more than half the participants not recognising the signs and symptoms of prostate issues, the study concluded that there is a need for a comprehensive health awareness programme on prostate cancer in Bahrain. The study also supported the need for a men's health agenda and particularly the potential for prostate cancer screening in health centres around the Kingdom.

Research - along with Teaching and Learning and Community Engagement - is one of RCSI Bahrain's three Strategic Pillars. This research falls in line with the University's research strategy, which in turn is blue-printed against the HEC's National Research Strategy.
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