RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Transnational Education in focus at RCSI Bahrain

The subject of transnational education came under the spotlight during a special symposium hosted by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – Medical University of Bahrain (RCSI Bahrain) recently.

Referring to the provision of education qualifications from institutions in one country to students in another, transnational education has been at the forefront of RCSI Bahrain’s strategic development since it first opened its doors in 2004.

Organised by the university’s School of Postgraduate studies and Research, the symposium featured presentations by a number of locally-based and international experts.

RCSI Bahrain Vice President for Academic Affairs and Head of School of Medicine, Professor Joe McMenamin kicked off proceedings by discussing the role of RCSI as a global leader in transnational education, before Association of Medical Schools of Europe President, Professor Peter Dieter spoke about the European experience of convergence and diversity of medical education curriculum.

RCSI Bahrain’s Head of Student Development and Wellbeing, Dr Wendy Maddison looked at the shaping of so-called ‘glocal’ students, while Professor Hossam Hamdy from the University of Qatar covered the development of a curriculum with a new world of global education.

The Association of Medical Education in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (AMEEMR) President, Professor Ibrahim Al Alwan, discussed ways that EMRO countries could cope with a diverse curriculum before RCSI Bahrain Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery, Professor Seamus Cowman, tackled the impact of transnational education on allied health professionals and nursing.

Attracting attendees from RCSI Bahrain’s faculty and external stakeholders, the event provided an opportunity to discuss changes occurring around educational curriculum and the challenges of transnational education and concluded with a panel discussion.

RCSI Bahrain is a constituent university of RSCI, which was established in 1784. Like its Irish counterpart, RCSI Bahrain is a not-for-profit health sciences institution focused on education and research to drive positive change in all areas of human health worldwide.

As an advocate of transnational education, RCSI Bahrain awards undergraduate medicine and nursing degrees from both its own institution and from RCSI in Dublin.