RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Students’ talents on display

Talent Show 

The Ritz-Calrton Bahrain Hotel poolside once again provided a beautiful backdrop for the RCSI Bahrain's annual Talent Show.
Run by RCSI Bahrain's Student Council in conjunction with the Student Services Office, the Talent Show is the perfect showcase for student's varied and often previously-hidden talents.
This year's event featured a total of 18 performances, including those by guitarists, keyboard and ukulele players, rappers, singers, speakers, an acapella group and a stand-up comedian.
The musical duet of Majda Shanta and Asad Chisti was announced as the winner of the event for their by the judging panel of RCSI Bahrain Head of Quality Enhancement, Dr Kathy Strachan, Chief Operations Officer (COO), Stephen Harrison-Mirfield and his wife, Lucy.