RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

RCSI Bahrain Students participate in Al Bawasil Diabetes Camp in Doha


Three undergraduate nursing students from RCSI Bahrain have participated in Al Bawasil Camp for diabetic children in Doha over a period of five days, from 31st January - 6th February 2015. Sajida Ali Salman, Amnah Ali Salman and Fatimah Fadhel Ebrahim supported the camp in the capacity of volunteers and represented both RCSI Bahrain and the Bahrain Diabetes Society.

Al Bawasil Camp is an official International Diabetes Federation (IDF) event, it takes place in Doha annually and is attended by over a hundred children with diabetes. The five day event hosts children from Qatar and the MENA region, and addresses issues about diabetes through technical, knowledgeable and educational activities. These tools give the children confidence and address both emotional and physical issues caused by the diagnosis of diabetes. The camp is run by doctors, nurse- nutritionists and social specialists.

The three students were chosen to represent of RCSI Bahrain after winning a competition designed for year 4 nursing students, whereby they were asked to generate new educational games that will be used to increase children's awareness about preventing obesity & diabetes during the diabetes mobile unit's school visits.

Special thanks to the Bahrain Diabetes Society- specifically Dr Mariam Al Hajri Dr Samia Al Ghutan, along with the Community Engagement Office who made the trip possible.