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2014 Dean’s Award Winners Announced

Dean’s Award

Dean’s Award  

Dr Edwina Brennan and Ms May Maher have been named as the winners of the Dean's Awards for 2014.  

The announcement was made during the University's 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner in the Ritz Carlton Hotel on November 27.

Science lecturer, Dr Edwina Brennan received the Academic Award.  Senior Communications & Events Manager, Ms Maher won the administration award.

The Dean's Award scheme was created as a way of acknowledging the diverse and essential contributions of all staff members.  Both winners were presented with a commemorative award and a prize of BD500, by Professor Joe McMenamin and Professor Hannah McGee.

Professor McMenamin said "I am honoured and privileged to acknowledge the contribution of all staff members to support the University's commitment to excellence in education, research and service.  The ethos behind the Dean's Award scheme is to recognise and celebrate these exceptional achievements.  I would like to congratulate Dr Brennan and Ms Maher for their outstanding service to the University and I am delighted to announce them as the deserving winners of the Dean's Awards 2014."

The following is what staff who nominated Dr Edwina Brennan said about her:

• Always has a smile
• Has a way of teaching and explaining things that students love
• Consistently goes above and beyond what is reasonably expected
• Is very flexible in the workplace and often volunteers
• Is highly motivated
• Is active and productive in research

The following is what staff who nominated Ms May Maher said about her:

• Has excellent organizing skills
• Works quietly without complaining
• Is an excellent communicator
• Exhibits commitment and great attention to detail
• Does not look for rewards
• Is a truly dedicated employee of RCSI Bahrain