RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Background to Quality Enhancement Office (RCSI Dublin and RCSI Bahrain)

The Quality Enhancement Office (QEO) acts as the executive arm of the RCSI Quality Committee and its sub-committees. The Quality Committee is responsible for the creation of policy and for the implementation of quality processes and quality improvement activities across academic and administrative areas of RCSI in Ireland and Internationally.

The Quality Committee reports to two Boards – the Medicine & Health Sciences Board (encompassing undergraduate and postgraduate education programmes and the related RCSI Schools and Faculties) and the Surgical & Postgraduate Faculties Board. These Boards report, through the Chief Executive, to the RCSI Council.

In addition to the development and implementation of RCSI QA/QI policies and procedures across all campuses, the Quality Committee plays a significant role in supporting the international campuses in their interactions with local QA/QI structures and processes.

The Quality Enhancement Office supports the implementation of the RCSI QA/QI strategy by co-ordinating the activities and collecting the data needed to allow the Quality Committee to quality assure all aspects of RCSI Academic programmes, including the validation of new programmes, courses and modules.

The Quality Enhancement Office is responsible for co-ordinating the internal and external accreditation process for RCSI academic programmes.

RCSI Bahrain, in common with other RCSI international campuses, is represented on the Quality Committee by the CEO of RCSI Bahrain, as Chair of the RCSI Bahrain Quality Assurance Committee (QAC).

The QEO Bahrain works closely with the QEO Dublin to support the implementation of RCSI QA/QI strategy by coordinating activities and collecting data to allow the QC to quality assure all aspects of the quality agenda.